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Four types of Yarn clearer

2018-07-13 15:48
Yarn clearer is the device which is used to remove the following faults of yarn in order to increase the yarn quality and weaving efficiency. 

Electronic type 
Electronic yarn Clearers ensures excellent clearing to be obtained with minimum mechanical stress on the yarn. The places, not possible with the mechanical system are an additional feature of the electronic system. The tamper-proof central adjustment for several spindles leads to a significant saving of time. 
Electronic Yarn Clearer Model Myc-2 
Mill requirement of yarn clearing controls have been developed for various stages in spinning process to improve the quality of the end product, i. E. Yarn. For this we have piano type autoleveller at blow-room, giving more uniform lap, autolevellers at carding and drawframes to give more uniform sliver etc. But even with all these controls it is not possible to get 100% uniform yarn. The present concept of the yarn depends upon various parameters like count, twist, strength, evenness and nepiness. The definition of the quality yarn is incomplete until the yarn faults are taken into consideration and eliminated. 
Capacitance type 
Zellweger Uster completely re-invented the yarn clearer with its Quantum clearer. This new clearer is digital, has capacitive and optical sensing capability and gives yarn fault classification according to the Uster Classimate concept. The Uster Quantum clearer can be used in several different modes including: capacitive or optical sensing, capacitive and foreign matter sensing or capacitive and optical combined. Quantum has 100-percent digital electronics, self-calibrating measuring heads, and on-board diagnostics. 
Photo electric type 
Seletex is a photoelectric yarn clearer which detact and removes various yarn faults in spinning or silk yarn in re-winding process. Photoelectric detector many material , moisture yarn, electric conductors and others. 

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