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Interpretation of the two sessions China manufacturing industry event

2017-06-16 14:57
Industrial thriving, economic thriving; industry strong, then the country strong. In the two sessions of 2017, the revitalization of the real economy has become a key task in the government work report. While the national high-level development of the industry, high-profile to give clear instructions. General Secretary of Commerce pointed out that China as a big country, must be developed to do real economy, can not be true to the virtual. Premier Li stressed that industrial manufacturing is an important pillar of the national economy, is to achieve the development and upgrading of the "country of heavy", it can be said that 2017 is the first year of China's real economic revitalization.

Industrial development of the "thinking": the spirit of the craftsmen to reinforce the manufacturing of the;
At the Central Economic Work Conference, it has been made clear that the primary task of revitalizing the real economy is to promote the strategic transformation of the manufacturing sector from the quantity expansion to the quality improvement, so as to pay attention to the quality and create the quality to become the society. In fact, this is also the country to vigorously promote the "artisan spirit" guiding the continuation of the guiding ideology.
If the size of the manufacturing industry reflects the country's comprehensive national strength, then the spirit of craftsmen is to show the level of national manufacturing, the lack of artisans, will hinder the future and future development of China's wisdom industry, high-end industrial chain to climb the way. Therefore, many scholars also said that in today's background, the most need to carry forward the spirit of industry is the spirit of craftsmen, on the one hand to promote the spirit of craftsmen is to repair China in the early industrial civilization, the lack of, on the other hand is to create a society Atmosphere, the accumulation of psychological precipitation, to enhance the essence of industry, for the rise of China's industry solid foundation.

In this regard, China's industrial development lies in the rise of manufacturing enterprises, and enterprises must be in the product, management, and even business model to the spirit of artisans earnestly open up, in order to achieve innovation and upgrading to obtain market recognition in order to meet the challenges of global economic tide, Their own development of the road, it can be said that the spirit of craftsmen is the long-term core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises. Futian Automobile is adhering to the spirit of lean manufacturing, the spirit of excellence, the development and implementation of enterprise development strategy to build world-class standard commercial vehicles, to promote China's own brand to high-end products, accelerate the "Made in China" own brand successfully to the world, and ultimately won Market recognition, to create a global commercial vehicle market sales of the first miracle.
It can be seen that the spirit of artisans is to reinforce the manufacturing of this, to achieve the power of manufacturing take off. And through the manufacture of this industry in China, will allow each Chinese people feel the strength of independent brands, so that the Chinese economy has a more solid foundation for the development.

Industrial development of the "thriving": innovation and technology to create manufacturing upgrades;
Today's world has entered an unprecedented era of innovation-intensive and industrial change, revitalize the industry, the development of manufacturing industry, is no longer a "big steel", but to resolutely use science and technology to support innovation and development. At present, China proposed "Made in China 2025", the United States strongly support the return of manufacturing, Germany is proposed industrial 4.0, the parties are competing for the high point of industrial development.
Since the reform and opening up, China through the implementation of science and technology and other strategies, mastered a number of core key technologies to promote the development of the real economy, narrowing the gap with the developed countries. But in general, "Made in China" is still in the international industrial chain in the low-end, the Chinese real economy still exists many weak links, and the top priority is to speed up the transformation and upgrading, to achieve innovation-driven development. Ministry of Industry and Trade Minister Miao Wei said at the China Industrial Promotion Summit, the future will promote the supply side of the structural reform, we must rely on improving the manufacturing capacity of innovation and technical capacity, vigorously implement the intelligent manufacturing, and actively develop the industrial Internet, to promote intelligent manufacturing Direction, and promote the integration of industrialization and information technology development.

In this regard, Futian Commercial Vehicle Group CEO Gong Yueqiong said that as a high-end manufacturing industry, the automobile industry, how strong in the industry as a leader, innovation is particularly critical, because the car production mode, design means have occurred Subversive changes, no innovation is difficult to get market recognition. At present, Foton has been aimed at intelligent, robot, Internet as the representative of the new wave of industrial revolution, to create a "Futian Industrial 4.0" system, the development of more valuable products and services. Through innovation, Foton Motor not only allow people to intuitively feel the progress of China's automobile intelligent manufacturing, but also through the practice of "one by one" initiative to show the world the Chinese car's technology and quality.
Through innovation and technology, intelligent manufacturing, will be able to effectively supply and consumption upgrade to promote each other, and enhance the profitability of manufacturing enterprises to attract social capital more to the manufacturing industry, to build a more benign economic development environment.

Industrial is the "root" of China's economy, manufacturing is the industry of the "core", and enterprises are manufacturing the "base." In China made from the big country to the power of the strategic transition period, but also look forward to more enterprises such as China, China Building Materials, Foton Motor China made "spokesmen" who, through insistence and innovation, so that China Industrial World Zhang Gao gold-containing business cards, which help the Chinese economy to maintain "steady progress" to the good momentum for the realization of two hundred years of the goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's Chinese dream, to make the responsibility of the industry The

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