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Conical calorimeter

2024-05-30 13:57

  Product Introduction

  The description of fire requires appropriate units of measurement, and the best way to represent and quantify fire is based on the speed at which energy is emitted and released. In today's discipline of fire, measuring heat release rate (HRR) is crucial, and the most accurate and effective measuring instrument for HRR is a conical calorimeter, which works by using the oxygen consumption method to determine heat release rate. The conical calorimeter has been widely accepted worldwide and can be used in large-scale combustion models, such as for furniture, cables, building materials, flame retardant materials, etc. It is likely to be the most important fire testing device in the future.

  The instrument provides a new type of tool that not only meets the high requirements of researchers, but also meets the needs of the manufacturing industry.

  Most major fire research groups use conical calorimeters as the primary source of material performance data and as input for models used for predicting fire behavior of finished products. International standards have been published and described for equipment, and some international standardization agencies have also published product standards for evaluating the performance of finished products using conical calorimeters.

  Reference standards

  ASTM E1354

  ISO 5660 Part 1/Part 2

  BS476 3664

  technical characteristics

  (1) Heat release rate, kW/ m2

  (2) Actual combustion heat, MJ /kg

  (3) Quality loss rate

  (4) Ignition time

  (5) Smoke density

  (6) Smoke and dust sampling

  (7) The production of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

  (8) Start time

  (9) Other details related to combustion

  (10) Power supply: 400V, 50Hz, three-phase 32A

  (11) Gas type: methane (purity 99.5%)

  (12) Nitrogen (anaerobic)

  (13) Carbon dioxide (5%~10%)

  (14) Carbon monoxide (1%~3%)

  (15) Water: 2 bar

  (16) Air: 2 bar

  (17) Dimensions: 1600 x 600 x 1700 mm (W x D x H)

  (18) Weight: approximately 250kg


  By controlling the temperature controller and K-type stainless steel armored thermocouples, the irradiance of the heater can be maintained at a preset level.

  The temperature controller should be able to maintain stable component temperature within the range of ± 2 ° C and 0-1000 ° C, and it is equipped with safety features.

  touch screen

  Measurement parameters displayed on the monitor:

  (1) Oxygen percentage

  (2) Temperature of conveying pipe

  (3) Weight

  (4) Delivery pipe flow rate

  (5) Methane flow rate

  (6) Carbon dioxide percentage

  (7) Carbon monoxide percentage

  Software features

  Automatic calibration system calibration:

  (1) Load unit.

  (2) Gas analyzer.

  (3) The irradiance of the conical heater.

  (4) Smoke measurement system.

  (5) Management and display of all functional states.

  (6) Control all sensors and relative stability.

  (7) All parameters required in the management standards.

  (8) All performance calculations in the standard (total HRR, quality loss, etc.).

  (9) Management and file testing, all obtained data can be created in CSV format as an Excel file.

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