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MST sock pressure tester

2024-05-27 16:06

  Product Introduction

  Pressure measuring instruments for medical pressure socks and auxiliary socks

  There are two types: MST MK V and MST Professional 2


  MST has developed and now has MST MK II MST MK III, MST MK IV, and MST MK V models.

  The new model always adheres to the basic principles of the inventor, but adds the following features:

  The flat sensing strip is not bulging. Therefore, the fabric will not be excessively stretched before measurement, and there will be no errors in measurement caused by the use of bulging sensing strips.

  The measurement results can be directly read out without the need for conversion using tables and formulas

  Can simultaneously monitor pressure gradient changes

  MST can be moved and used anywhere

  MST MK V features:

  Allow quality control at the manufacturer or laboratory

  Pressure monitoring of pressure socks for surgical, clinical, or inpatient patients

  Can work with HOSY The HATRA and CEN (ITFH) methods are associated, and their correlation display can be directly set on the device

  MST MK V specifications:

  MST MK V pressure measuring instrument, complete set including:

  Touch screen 7-inch WVGA 800 x 480 LCD display.

  Connect the front panel of the sensor detection belt for installation

  Fast thermal printer

  Built in air sensor with temperature and humidity display

  Current 90-260 V/50-60 Hz

  Dimensions: 348 x 303 x 117 mm (L x B x D)

  Weight: 3 kg

  Warranty period: 1 year

  MST MK V configuration:

  Calibration device

  -High precision digital pressure gauge

  Sensing detection belt:

  Each can be measured at least 300 times, suitable for each of the three lengths of sensing detection belts

  Measurement point: b, b1,c,d,e,f,g

  -AD (4 measurement points)

  -AG (7 measurement points)

  Wooden leg mold

  -Standard leg molds can be selected based on RAL-GZ 387/1

  -Customizable according to customer requirements

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