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UW254 underwater sterilization detector

2024-05-27 16:01

  Product Introduction:

  The UW254 underwater sterilization detector is a new ultraviolet lamp monitor that reduces maintenance costs by determining when the sterilization lamps in sewage treatment plants require repair services.

  Because it is difficult to determine whether the effectiveness of most plants is reduced when they accumulate on the lamp, they usually clean the lamp at regular intervals, which is sometimes unnecessary. The new UW254 water sterilization detector and LM100 lamp monitor can continuously monitor 0% -100% output results of relevant lamps. It provides a cost-effective and fault free method to determine exactly when the lamp needs to be removed for cleaning.

  After the initial installation, cleaning, and adjustment of the lamp group, calibrate the probe. It can be tied to an underwater quartz tube. The LM100 light monitor will adjust the display to 100% for cleaning lights. Then, when the intensity drops to a specific value, there will be appropriate operational alarm level settings. The underwater UW254 sterilization detector has a narrow spectral response wavelength of 210-380 nm. It is not affected by sunlight or any other visible radiation and provides a negligible response to the sun's ultraviolet radiation - zero in underwater service.

  Product application:

  The UW254 ultraviolet detector is used to monitor the peak wavelength of radiation from four mercury lamps at 253.7 nm, and is commonly used by water conservancy bureaus for final disinfection of sewage plants.

  Product features:

  Able to dive into water

  Can monitor up to 4 mercury lamps

  253/7 nm active peak

  Technical parameters:

  Output: 4-20mA

  Size: 0.83 "diameter x 3.8" length

  Cable: 30“

  Input: 9-25 VDC

  Spectral response: 210-380 nm

  Perspective: 60 °

  Operating environment: 32 to 120 ° F (0 to+50 ° C) without precipitation

  Weight: 3 oz. (85 grams)

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