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UVB radiometer

2024-05-27 15:57

  Product Introduction:

  The UVB Biometer Radiometer is a meteorological grade instrument used to measure solar radiation in both outdoor and underwater (maximum depth of 5m) UVB environments.

  This durable outdoor biological radiometer solar radiation measurement system is widely used in meteorological stations and observation stations.

  Robertson Berger's technology, world-class production practices, and NIST traceability calibration ensure high repeatability and comparability between instrument units.

  The analog output voltage of all radiometers is directly proportional to the measured ultraviolet irradiance of solar radiation. In addition, all 501 type UVB radiometers have controllable internal temperatures, ensuring a high level of accuracy compared to other units.

  Instrument configuration:

  This UVB radiometer is a complete plug and play instrument that includes a detector system for outdoor use, computer control/data recorders, and connecting cables. It is easy to install and use. It can follow the configuration of erythema action spectrum or unweighted UVB spectrum.

  Product application:

  Persistent outdoor UVB solar radiation measurements at meteorological stations and observation stations

  Bioeffective measurement of ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths above 280 nanometers under sunlight and artificial light sources

  The study of plant, ocean, climate, ozone, or other biological impacts requires continuous measurement over a long period of time.

  Correction of spectral radiation measurement errors caused by changes in irradiance during scanning.

  Provide public information measurement data on the impact of UV radiation for media and research institutions.

  Main accessories:

  UV Biometer Recorder

  PC board converted to digital analog output, 2 channels

  Extra cables

  Product features:


  Digital (UV signal and temperature sensor).

  Data collection:

  Computerized data recorders dedicated to LCD displays, keyboards, serial communication ports, and parallel printer ports; Simultaneously accommodate 2 detectors; Optional analog output.

  Dose period:

  You can choose from 1 minute to 1 hour.

  Internal memory:

  The 1-hour dose integration and the temperature of the sensor from the non-volatile memory in two detectors can be stored for up to six months.

  Energy source:

  Universal 90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 12 VDC.

  Integrity of data:

  Non volatile memory; Recording circuit for internal charging power backup; Automatic temperature compensation correction data, if the ambient temperature exceeds the specifications or the AC power supply is lost.


  Any computer and modem equipped with RS232 serial port compatibility; Remote menu organization and data retrieval; Users can choose a baud rate from 300 to 9600 basis points.

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