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UVA and visible light sensors

2024-05-27 15:54

  Product Introduction:

  PMA 4100 series calready? UVA and visible light sensors, as well as process control sensors, can be calibrated on-site by end-users.

  The PMA 4100-420 sensor system has two types of sensors, PMA 4110-420 UVA sensor and PMA 4130-420 optical sensor. Sensors detect light from their respective spectral bands and send a current proportional signal in the 4-20 mA current loop. The PMA 4110-420 sensor is sensitive to the 320-400 nm wavelength band and has a maximum (20 milliampere) sensitivity value of 1 W/cm2. The PMA 4130-420 sensor is sensitive to the CIE weighted spectral range of 480-620 nm and has a maximum (20 mA) sensitivity of 5000 Lux.

  Is this calready? The sensor system includes reference sensors and transmission NIST standard calibration. A reference sensor can be used to calibrate the bright range process sensor, and another reference sensor can be used to calibrate the UVA process sensor. This software system is connected to USB and has in-situ transfer calibration.

  The unique feature of infield calibration is the use of SL3301 software that can be installed on a laptop to meet performance standards.

  Product application:

  Photostability testing and control

  Product features:

  High sensitivity

  Dynamic range 2 * 105

  Excellent long-term stability

  Cosine correction

  NIST Traceable Calibration

  Radiation unit

  Maximum exposure time

  On site calibration

  Product accessories:

  Software packages available for data management

  Technical parameters:

  Name parameter

  Category: Light sensor UVA sensor

  The spectral response follows the CIE spectral efficiency curve (400-700nm) as shown in Figure 1, 320-400 nm, and Figure 2

  Angle response 5% angle<60 ° 5% angle<60 °

  Range PMA2130-150000 Lux, 220 W/m2, 14000 ft cd

  PMA2130L - 1,500 Lux, 2.2 W/m2, 140 ft-cd

  PMA2130H -1500000 Lux, 2200 W/m2, 140000 ft-cd 200 [mW/cm2] or 2000 [W/m2]

  Display resolution PMA2130-1 Lux, 0.001 W/m2, 0.1 ft-cd PMA2130L-0.01 Lux, 0.00001 W/m2, 0.001 ft-cd PMA2130H-10 Lux, 0.01 W/m2, 1 ft-cd 0.001 [mw/cm2], 0.01 [W/m2]

  Operating Environment 32 to 120 ° F (0 to 50 ° C) No Precipitation 32 to 120 ° F (0 to 50 ° C) No Precipitation

  Cable 5 feet (1.5 meters) 5 feet (1.5 meters)

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