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PMA 2145 Class I pyranometer

2024-05-27 15:51

  Product Introduction:

  PMA 2145 is a Class I pyranometer according to ISO classification. It is based on the broad spectral sensitivity and excellent flatness and long-term stability of thermoelectric technology.

  Characteristics of PMA 2145 Class I Pyrometer 64 Thermocouple Sensing Elements. The sensing element is coated with a highly stable carbon based non organic coating, which provides excellent spectral absorption and long-term stability characteristics. The sensing element accommodates two concentric fitting Schott glass domes K5.

  The precision optical glass dome serves as a filter to control the spectral bands of the entire solar spectrum through the sensor. It also protects the elements of the sensor.

  The sensor is a high-quality black thermoelectric stack. Sensors heated by solar radiation in? Generate a signal within the voltage range. Each table has its own correction factor, and with the processing algorithm, it programs the data into a storage chip embedded in the sensor. When connected to the PMA 2100 data recording radiometer, the algorithm is loaded onto the table and the correct reading is displayed on the LCD.

  Product application:

  Testing full spectrum radiation from 280-2800nm for atmospheric, photovoltaic cell research, and laboratory research.

  Product features:

  Low cost, very wide and flat spectral response, excellent long-term stability, ISO class, cosine correction, weather resistance, NIST traceable calibrated radiation, bubble level

  Technical parameters:

  Name parameter

  Angle response 1% angle<70 °

  Spectral response 310-2800nm FWHM Figure 1

  Range 4000 [W/m2], 400 [mW/cm2]

  Response time of 18 seconds (95%)

  Sensitivity change/year<1%

  Nonlinear<2.5% (1000W/m2)

  Temperature dependence<2% (-10 to 40 ° C)

  Temperature coefficient<5% (-10 to 40 ° C)

  Zero degree offset<15W/m2 @ 200 W/m2 thermal radiation

  Display resolution 1 [W/m2], 0.1 [mW/cm2]

  Operating environment -40 to 175 ° F (-40 to+80 ° C), outdoor

  Cable 30ft, 9m

  Sun screen diameter 2.375 "(60.3mm)

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