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Desktop stove integrated system

2024-05-27 15:47

  Product Introduction:

  A desktop stove is an integrated system composed of multiple devices and instrument components that can complete specific experimental processes.

  The equipment imitates the first step of industrial saccharification process and is used in the food industry to manufacture syrup under laboratory settings. In this process, the starch solution is heated until it is much higher than 100 ° C, and is decomposed into the desired syrup under the catalysis of enzymes. In a desktop stove, the starch solution is heated by two oil bath pots, and the solution is drawn into the solution tank on the left side of the instrument through a catheter. In the first bath pot, rapid heating is carried out (2 minutes), and then the starch solution enters the second oil bath pot through a spiral pipeline. The liquid is held in the second pot for 5 minutes. Finally, collect materials for further experiments. The temperature of the solution depends on the conditions selected for different experiments. Due to the significant impact of temperature on the final concentration of syrup, precise monitoring and adjustment of necessary temperature is crucial.

  Product features:

  (1) An integrated system assembled from multiple equipment and instrument components to ensure minimal dead volume and heat loss in pipeline engineering.

  (2) Equipped with temperature sensors, precise temperature control with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C, better monitoring the entire experimental process.

  (3) Time controller, automatically and accurately controlling the test time.

  (4) The instrument has system overpressure protection for safe operation.

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