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SIRIUS dual axis tester

2024-05-22 15:27

  Product Introduction:

  Biaxial testing is becoming increasingly important in material characterization and modeling, and nowadays, biaxial testing equipment occupies a large amount of space, making its application in in-situ testing in constrained environments very extensive. SIRIUS adopts new technology that can measure force and displacement in the X and Y axes, and both axes can be controlled separately and simultaneously, simulating complex loads (tension, compression, and low cycle fatigue). The sample is usually in a cross shape, and the machine's force can reach 3.000 N. In situ testing can evaluate the local analysis, crystal orientation, deformation, and stress of the stage.

  Technical parameters:

  Testing: biaxial testing, compression and low cycle fatigue testing

  EBSD compatibility: No

  Force capacity: 3kN

  Dimensions: 225 x 205 x 45 mm

  Weight: 4.1kg

  Cross head travel: 12mm (per side)

  Maximum speed test: 50? M/s

  Minimum rate test: 0.1? M/s

  Displacement sensor: resolution+/-1? M

  Force sensor:

  Linear<+/-0.25% of F.S

  Lag<+/-0.25% F.S

  Product application:

  (1) SIRIUS can perform different types of tests

  --Biaxial testing

  --Compression testing

  --Low cycle fatigue testing

  (2) Our software provides flexible control, data processing, and analysis to meet your needs.

  --Manual testing, controlling the direction of speed and displacement.

  --Specify the indicators of force and control speed by specifying the required force indicators.

  --Specify displacement indicators and control speed by specifying the required displacement indicators.

  --Periodic testing, controlling the number of tension compression cycles and using values in force or displacement.

  (3) Design and implement a comprehensive standard and unique testing with a wide range of materials.






  Technical features:

  1. Different clamping systems for cross shaped test samples.

  2. Conduct testing work under reduced working distance conditions.

  3. Generate complex multi axis pressure (two axes working independently).

  4. Compatible with different working environments (SEM, X-ray diffraction, synchrotron radiation, etc.).

  5. Using the most advanced technology in mechanical transmission to improve work efficiency, with a working speed range of 0.1-50? M/s, reaching a force of 3 kN.

  6. By combining precise guidance and transmission systems to increase coupling stiffness.

  7. For displacement, it has excellent accuracy (accuracy of 20 nm) and force measurement (linearity and hysteresis below 0.25% in full size).

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