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Sterilization UVC sensor

2024-05-22 15:25

  Product Introduction:

  UV disinfection system detector

  The effectiveness of the UV water disinfection system is as good as that of the sterilization lamp. Over time, even the best UV water treatment systems will experience significant degradation in disinfecting water treatment. The output of the sterilization lamp will also decrease with the age or dirtiness of the lamp. PW254 is specifically designed for continuous monitoring of UV output lights, and when using a data acquisition system, it can serve as an indicator of the age of effective use of the lights.

  Product features:

  Continuous and precise monitoring

  Narrow spectral response

  High sensitivity

  Output 0-5VDC

  Adjustable range

  SCADA compatible

  Multidirectional testing

  NIST tracking

  Good cosine response

  Product application:

  Measurement of sterilization UVC radiation from sterilization light source

  Technical parameters:

  Name parameter

  Spectral response 200-320nm or 254nm, 10nm FWHM

  The power supply requires an output of 30mA 8-24vdc

  Size length: 2.5 "(64mm)

  Diameter: 0.96 "(24.3mm)

  Probe PTFE sleeve

  Probe installation M20 x 1.5mm external thread (other sizes)

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