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Mobile glossmeter

2024-05-20 15:37

  Product Introduction:

  Mobile glossometers are used in various industries to evaluate the texture of printed materials, plastic coatings, and anodized coatings, or to evaluate aging test results. The GM-1 model quantifies the glossiness and specular reflection of objects, allowing for flexible and simple measurement and display of glossiness at three angles of 20 °, 60 °, and 85 ° simultaneously. This gloss meter is palm sized and has a lightweight resin body, suitable for on-site measurement. Wireless communication technology (Bluetooth) is standard and can wirelessly connect to printers.

  Product features:

  1. Triangle measurement - easy to calibrate and use

  Can quickly and effectively identify differences in coating quality

  The instrument design is suitable for ergonomics.

  Quickly display measurement results, including differences, maximum, minimum, pass/fail, and statistical tables.

  2. Automatic calibration - fully functional

  The automatic calibration feature ensures that the instrument maintains optimal usage, and the instrument automatically determines whether the calibration plate meets the requirements.

  The unique design of the calibration base ensures the accuracy of the calibration plate in each measurement, and can protect the instrument from damage and block any dust or small substances that may affect its use from entering the measurement port when it is not in use.

  3. Data Storage and Analysis - Four Modes to Choose from

  With the increasing demand for data statistical processing, this device has improved its comprehensive data processing mode.

  Basic mode: Receive light irradiation from a selected angle. In basic mode, the display screen displays information on fast light irradiation

  Continuous mode: Similar to the basic mode, it can illuminate the surface with continuous and uniform light from any selected angle, and the results can be displayed on the display screen. The measurement frequency interval can be adjusted between 0-9 seconds.

  Statistical mode: The reading is fully displayed in three columns, with each column displaying one piece of statistical information: actual indicator, mean, standard deviation, minimum value, maximum value, range, difference, or pass/fail. You can download the results to an Excel data table.

  Sample mode: Measure according to the standard value set by the user. The information displayed on the display screen reflects the difference between the sample value and the standard value.

  4. Larger measurement range

  At present, it can reach up to 2000 units of gloss, and the standard feature of the new colorimeter is its large measurement range, allowing the instrument to directly measure mirror reflected light without the assistance of other instruments.

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