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Portable glossmeter

2024-05-20 15:36

  Product Introduction:

  The portable glossmeter measures gloss at angles of 20 ° and 60 °, with a simple structure that is suitable for various occasions. In addition to automatic calibration, it can also be calibrated according to other working standards and reference samples. This glossmeter can be used as a monitoring device for production lines and can also be used for testing in QC laboratories. The instrument body is sturdy and equipped with a metal protective box. The glossmeter uses backlight display and can be used in low light situations.

  Product features:

  Measurement screen (displayed at 2 angles simultaneously), built-in laser target system can determine measurement points before measurement, use standard AA batteries, and do not require time for recharging. When conducting long-term measurements, power can be provided through USB connection, LED lifespan can reach up to 100000 hours (100 million measurement times), as a light source, maintenance free, and three common functions (zero position adjustment/standard adjustment/measurement) can be easily operated through side switches

  Technical parameters:

  Geometric structure 60 ° glossiness, 20 ° glossiness (ISO2813)

  Combination of silicon optical elements and filters for light receivers

  Measure the diameter of the light circumference Φ 4mm (opening 20X13mm)

  White LED light source

  Stability within standard deviation Δ G0.5 (measure calibration standard plate 30 times)

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