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Standard light source machine

2024-05-20 15:34

  Product Introduction:

  This device is a standard light source machine used for visual evaluation of the color of objects, in accordance with JIS Z 875 "Standard Light and Standard Light Sources for Color Measurement". Equipped with D65 and A light sources, it can perform homochromatic metamerism tests. D65AC allows users to adjust brightness.

  Technical parameters:

  Model D65A D65AC

  Central light source D65 1000lx 600~2000lx

  A 1000lx 600~2000lx

  Observation box size 60 (w) x48 (D) x45 (H) cm

  Power requirements: AC 100V approximately 3A, AC 100V approximately 5A

  Size and weight 68 (w) x50 (D) x64 (H) cm

  [Weight: 25Kg] 68 (w) x50 (D) x64 (H) cm

  [Weight: 27Kg]


  *You can choose to add fluorescent and black light. Additionally, a DAW model can be provided, which is equipped with D65 light, A-light, and white fluorescent lights. These three types of lights are installed in parallel, allowing users to conduct color rendering tests under two types of light sources.

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