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Portable spectrophotometer

2024-05-20 15:32

  Product Introduction:

  CC-m45 is a portable spectrophotometer that can measure the surface of samples on site. This colorimeter is a vertical structure, and users can use it in almost any situation, such as measuring in narrow spaces or measuring the surface of rough objects.

  Instrument principle:

  Spectral colorimeter is a color measuring instrument that uses a grating to decompose the reflected light of a color sample, and then receives the reflected spectrum through a sensor to convert it into a color chromaticity value. He measures the entire visible and inverse spectrum of a color sample, usually measuring a point at a certain distance on the reflection spectrum. There are also some spectrophotometers that can continuously measure the spectrum. Its working principle is to measure color as a physical phenomenon that is not controlled by the observer. In order to obtain the three stimulus values of color, it can integrate the reflection spectrum and interpret color as a visual response, making it the most flexible color measurement instrument. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the spectrophotometer measures the entire reflectance spectrum of the color sample, the measurement results have higher absolute accuracy.

  Product features:

  The large color LCD touchscreen ensures that users can easily operate it for the first time.

  The M button on the side of the device allows users to perform three commonly used functions (0 standardization, full scale standardization)

  The dual synchronous sensor method continuously monitors and measures light, achieving the highest level of stability

  The light source is VI-LED (high color rendering index white LED), with a service life of up to 20000 hours (20 million measurements).

  The spectral method supports multiple large luminescent materials and observation angles.

  The CC-m model has a diffuse light source with an observation angle of 8 °, while the CC-m45 model has a 45 ° luminous/0 ° observation angle.

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