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Sensor Selection Guide

2024-05-20 15:30

  UV sensor:

  UVA can be combined with UVB to generate a UV sensor in a single sensor. In addition, UVA, UVB, and UVC can be combined in our safety sensor, following ACGIH safety recommendations to provide a complete UV sensor. The use of ultraviolet light sources, especially UVC, is a rapidly growing area in disinfection and sterilization applications, and sunlight provides a series of sensors to address these issues. Ultraviolet radiation is also used in the application and research of sunbathing. In addition, Solarlight has a series of sensors to measure complete solar ultraviolet radiation and biologically weighted spectra, such as erythema interaction spectra and CIR interaction spectra.

  Visible light sensor:

  In addition to UV, visible light sensors can detect the entire visible light spectrum, and users can choose to measure bright and dark energy. This is particularly useful because sensing takes into account the human eye's response to light. If the light source is too bright, the iris of the eye contracts and reduces the amount of light entering the eye. If the light source is too dark, the iris expands, allowing more light to enter the eyes. This enables lighting engineers and designers to specify the most suitable and optimal lighting level for human comfort and functionality. This also achieves the goal of eliminating excess light usage, thereby saving a lot of energy. Outside the infrared region of the visible light spectrum, sunlight can be measured using a pyranometer. These devices work on the principle of thermoelectric stacks. Whether it is UVC, UVB, UVA, visible infrared, or any combination, all of which are similar to sunlight, users can choose to measure discrete radiation bands from 135 different sensors.

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