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CC-i colorimeter

2024-05-20 15:29

  Product Introduction:

  Usually, the higher the measurement accuracy of a colorimeter, the higher the price of the colorimeter. The colorimeter that customers truly want needs to have these characteristics: long-term stability, high accuracy, easy operation, and reasonable price.

  The uniqueness of the CC-i colorimeter model is reflected in its integration of the required performance of all individual colorimeters, revolutionary innovation that subverts all old colorimeter concepts, and is a symbol of the identity of the new generation colorimeters.

  The CC-i colorimeter is an integrated tristimulus colorimeter that can measure reflectance and transmittance. Its testing reproducibility and long-term stability are particularly outstanding.

  The geometric structure of reflection measurement is diffuse light receiving at 8 °. The device can convert between measuring with or without specular reflection light (8 °: de or 8 °: di), allowing samples containing a large number of reflective components to be accurately measured. The color measurement conditions can be selected as C light 2 ° observation angle, D65 light 10 ° observation angle, and D65 light 2 ° observation angle. In the colorimeter industry, this device was first equipped with a color touch screen control board, making it easy for all users to operate. The colorimeter also comes with a printer, USB interface for measuring data transfer, Excel conversion software, and many settings boxes, all of which can be achieved at a reasonable price.

  Product features:

  1. Strong stability, with the highest stability level among similar products

  2. Easy to operate color touch screen control

  3. Multi functional and with data management

  4. Small size, compact installation of optical and measuring components

  5. Low price with the highest cost-effectiveness among similar categories

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