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Fabric universal strength machine

2024-05-20 15:26

  Product Introduction:

  Compliant with testing standards of various countries, it is used for measuring the fracture strength, fracture elongation, seam slip, seam strength, tear strength, peel strength rate, etc. of fabrics, yarns, ropes, etc. It adopts a modular software testing system that can be added. Users can choose the corresponding testing module according to their actual usage needs, which is cost-effective.

  Standard testing programs and custom testing programs are optional, making it easier for users to choose the corresponding testing program according to their testing needs. It is flexible and convenient, making it an excellent choice in the field of material testing.

  Compliant with standards:

  ASTM D434/1683/2261/5034/5035/5587, ASTM D2724, ISO13934-1/13934-2/13935-1/13935-2/13937-2/13937-4, ISO13936-1/13936-2, GB/T3917/3923, GB/T13772-1/13772-2/13772-3, GB/T13773-1/13773-2, GB/T19976; FZ/T80007; JIS L1096, etc

  Product features:

  A complete set of accessories, combined with unique Stiro testing software, can meet almost any application or industry's testing requirements: textiles, plastics, metals, biomedical, composite materials, elastomers, components, automobiles, aerospace, and more. It can quickly and effectively handle all functions required for simple tensile, compression, bending, peeling, tearing, friction, cyclic testing, and more. It is the development performance verification of new products, product quality assessment and testing, and is a high-quality product in the fields of production, research and development, quality inspection, and quality control.

  The UTE series products have good data testing accuracy, small fluctuations in peak load during testing, and high testing stability.

  Outstanding performance among numerous material testing machine brands. Due to its good repeatability and reproducibility, the UTE series can:

  Reduce time to solve data problems

  Long term cost savings

  Improve the accuracy of test results and the reputation of testing institutions

  Strengthen the quality and ability to achieve various expected outputs

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