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Analysis of Testing Method of Fabric Pilling Performance

2017-05-26 10:10
Basically all the evaluation of the performance of the test method are in a certain period of time on the fabric surface friction, and then evaluate the degree of pilling The following are several measures to measure the pilling performance: random roll test method; box Elastic wear method; elastic pad method; Martindale pilling and wear method; brush sponge type wear test method; accelerated wear test method; inflatable mode wear test method; appearance retention test method; Reciprocating test method; Hartra pilling test method.

At present, the domestic laboratories and factories mainly use random roll ball test instrument, box-type pilling machine, Martin Dyer pilling and round track pilling method.

1, random roll pilling method
The fabric sample is tumbled in a cylinder with a stir bar, rubbing against another specimen or with the cylindrical wall to produce pilling. The movement of the fabric is random, irregular, and the external surface of the fabric is overwhelmed. Since the fabric sample is sometimes stuck behind the stirring bar, this pilling test is less reproducible.

2, box-type pilling method
Place the fabric sample on a rubber sample tube and put it in a square wooden box with rubber cork and roll it inside the rotating wooden box. The movement of the fabric is random and the pressure is very small. The reproducibility of the pilling test is better, but the factors affecting the pilling test are more, such as the surface of the rubber cork and the rubber tube. This test method is suitable for easy-to-play fabrics.

3, Martindale pilling method
The fabric sample was mounted on a chuck and subjected to friction pilling under the specified pressure with the same fabric mounted on the grinding table. The specimen can be rotated about the axis, and the relative trajectory of the chuck and the grinding table is a pre-set image of Li Sha Ru (Lissajous). Later there are improved Martindale grinding instrument. This test method is suitable for wool fabrics and other easy-to-play fabrics, especially woven fabrics. Use the pattern criteria or evaluation table to evaluate the degree of pilling. Place each sample on the double panel of the rating box. Evaluate the number of front faces of each sample using appropriate rating conditions, suitable standard fabrics or standard photographs, and use two standard stages or cards to assess the appearance of the test specimen.

4, round track pilling method
In a certain pressure to the circular motion of the trajectory of the fabric samples with the first nylon fluff, and then with the standard fabric for the relative friction from the ball, or the fabric in the fabric abrasive directly from the ball. This test method is suitable for chemical fiber filament fabric and chemical fiber staple fabric, only fabric for abrasive, can be used for other easy to play the ball fabric.

There are a variety of test methods for fabric pilling, which should be tested according to the standards provided by the customer. Different test methods have different effects on the final assessment of the pilling grade of the fabric. With the internationalization of the textile market, textile enterprises should learn to adapt to many foreign testing standards, including textile for pilling test standards.

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