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The operation flow of the vertical infiltration instrument of synthetic materials

2017-03-30 09:32
Geosynthetics vertical penetration instrument main steps:
1, the sample placed in water containing humectant, soak for at least 12h until saturated and remove the bubbles, wetting agent with 0.1% V / V sodium alkyl benzene sulfide.
2, remove the high pressure warehouse, the installation of the specimen in the holder, the sample requirements: the sample should be clean, no dirt on the surface, no visible dirt or crease, shall not be folded, and should be placed in the flat, the above shall not be imposed Any load. And then install the high pressure warehouse, followed by the balance of force to tighten the high pressure warehouse nut.
3, open the water valve, into the clean water to the high pressure water tank until the water level on both sides of 50mm head difference, turn off the water supply, if the sample on both sides of the head can not be balanced within 5min, find whether there is no row of clean Air, open the exhaust valve re-exhaust, and indicate in the test report.
4, adjust the water flow, so that the head difference of 70mm ± 5mm, record this value, accurate to 1mm, to be stable for 30s after the head for a specified period of time, with the measuring tube to collect the permeable water through the instrument through the infiltration of water, the volume is accurate to 10mL , The time is accurate to s, collecting permeate water 1000mL, time for at least 30s.
5, respectively, the maximum head difference of 0.8, 0.6, 0.4 and 0.2 times the head difference, repeat the above 2.3.4 procedures, from the highest flow rate to the end of the minimum flow rate, and record the corresponding infiltration of water and time.
6, record the water temperature, accurate to 0.2 ℃.
7, the results of the calculation according to the corresponding standard T1141-2006.

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