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How do humidity-controlled ozone aging chambers control humidity?

2023-06-07 10:06

Humidity-controlled ozone aging chambers control humidity through the use of a humidification system and a dehumidification system. The humidification system introduces water vapor into the chamber to increase the humidity level, while the dehumidification system removes excess moisture to maintain a consistent humidity level.

The humidification system typically consists of a water reservoir, a humidifier, and a control system. The water reservoir provides a continuous supply of water to the humidifier, which converts the water into water vapor and introduces it into the chamber. The control system monitors the humidity level in the chamber and adjusts the humidifier output to maintain a set humidity level.

Ozone aging chamber.jpg

The dehumidification system typically consists of a refrigeration system and a control system. The refrigeration system cools the air in the chamber, causing moisture to condense and be collected in a condensate pan or drain. The control system monitors the humidity level in the chamber and adjusts the refrigeration system to maintain a set humidity level.

Humidity-controlled ozone aging chambers may also include sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the chamber, as well as a ventilation system to remove excess heat and ozone from the chamber.

Overall, the humidity-controlled ozone aging chamber provides a controlled environment for testing materials under specific humidity and ozone exposure conditions, which can be useful in evaluating the long-term durability and reliability of materials and products.

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