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10 Steps to Mastering the Zipper Test

2023-04-23 11:40

Zipper is a common clothing accessory, its quality and performance directly affect the appearance and service life of clothing. Therefore, testing zippers is essential. This article will introduce 10 basic steps of zipper testing to help you master the methods and standards of zipper testing.

1. Appearance inspection: Check whether the surface and structure of the zipper are complete and consistent.

2. Zipper closing test: Close the zipper, check whether the zipper can be completely closed, and whether the zipper teeth are aligned and effectively maintained in the closed state.

Zipper Test.jpg

3. Zipper opening test: Open the zipper completely and check whether the zipper teeth are obviously worn or damaged.

4. Tensile strength test: Tighten the zipper under load and record the tensile strength.

5. Back wear test: wear test on the back of the zipper to test whether the zipper teeth can withstand the corresponding wear.

6. Side wear test: To test the side wear, use standard samples at the bottom or both ends to test, and record the test results.

7. Corrosion resistance test: Check the corrosion resistance of zippers in acidic and alkaline environments.

8. Zipper coating test: Check the uniformity and adhesion of the zipper surface coating.

9. Weather resistance evaluation: Test the performance of the zipper under different climatic conditions, such as the anti-aging ability under low temperature, high temperature, humidity, ultraviolet rays and other conditions.

10. Chemical testing: Check whether the materials used in the zipper comply with relevant safety regulations, and check whether they contain harmful substances.

It should be noted that for different zipper products, the test steps and test methods may be different, and the test should be carried out according to the requirements of specific products.

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