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What are the different types of washing fastness testers available on the market?

2023-04-14 11:11

The washing fastness tester is an instrument used to test the ability of textiles to not fade or change color after washing or dry cleaning. It is an important part of textile color fastness testing and is directly related to human health and safety. There are many different types of washing fastness testers on the market, which can be divided into the following categories according to the different parameters such as test methods, test cup capacity, test temperature, and rotation speed:


1. SW-12A Color Fastness to Washing Tester: This is a classic tester for color fastness to washing. The fastness test can also be used to test the color fastness of dyes to washing. It uses 12 stainless steel test cups, each with a capacity of 550±50mL, and can test 12 samples at the same time. Its maximum temperature is 98°C and its speed is 40±2 rpm, which can meet the requirements of various international standards.

2. TF418E Washing Fastness Tester: This is an intelligent washing fastness tester for testing the color fastness of textiles to washing or dry cleaning. It is equipped with two test boxes, each test box can test 6 samples at the same time, and different standards can be selected for testing, such as AATCC and ISO standards. It adopts the automatic setting PID temperature control method, and the temperature can be kept stable after reaching the maximum temperature of 95 ℃. It also has water level protection, water inlet and drain functions, and anti-rotation functions to ensure the safety and accuracy of the test.


3. ISO 105 C01-C05 Washing Fastness Tester: This is a washing fastness tester specially used in ISO 105 C01-C05 standards, covering the range from light to strong washing operations. It uses 4 stainless steel test cups, each with a capacity of 1200±50mL, and can test 4 samples at the same time. Its maximum temperature is 95°C and its speed is 40±2 rpm. It is also equipped with a digital thermostat, timer and alarm for easy operator control and monitoring of the testing process.

The above are three types of washing fastness testers that are common in the market. They each have their own characteristics and advantages, and are suitable for color fastness testing of different textiles and dyes. When choosing a washing fastness tester, you should make comprehensive considerations according to your own needs and budget, and refer to relevant international standards and industry norms.

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