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How does the Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin compare to other fabric testing methods?

2023-04-07 15:57

Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is a special test method used to simulate human perspiration during exercise. It has the following differences compared to other common fabric testing methods:

1. Simulation of the real situation: Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is able to simulate the sweating of the human body during exercise, and is therefore closer to the real situation. Other testing methods are usually static and do not take into account the effects of human movement.


2. More accurate results: Because Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin simulates the real situation, more accurate test results can be obtained. Other testing methods may underestimate or overestimate the fabric's perspiration performance.

3. More repeatable: Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is a standardized test method that ensures repeatable results. Other testing methods may be affected by testing conditions, resulting in unreliable results.

4. Closer to market demand: Since Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is able to simulate the real situation, it can better meet the market demand. Other testing methods may not accurately reflect market demand.

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