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How to use and maintain the fabric tensile strength tester?

2023-03-13 11:15

Fabric Tensile Strength Tester is a testing device used to measure the mechanical properties of fabric materials in a stretched state. The following are usage guidelines and maintenance recommendations:

user's guidance

1. Verify the instrument: Before use, it is necessary to verify whether the instrument is working properly, and adjust the parameters and settings according to the test requirements.

2. Sample preparation: select samples that meet the standard requirements, and cut and prepare them according to the standard requirements.

3. Clamping device: Put the sample in the clamping device, make sure the sample is clamped and will not slip or twist.

4. Start the test: start the test program, perform a tensile test, record the data and generate a test report.

maintenance advice

1. Regular maintenance: Regularly maintain the instrument, clean and lubricate the key components to ensure the instrument works well.

2. Careful storage: The instrument should be stored in a dry, clean and safe environment, avoiding direct sunlight and humid environment.

3. Maintenance record: record the use and maintenance history of the instrument, including each calibration, repair and other maintenance conditions, so as to find and solve problems in time.

4. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the functions of the instrument are normal, such as fixtures, sensors, etc., to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable.

5. Keep it clean: The surface of the tester needs to be cleaned frequently, use a clean soft cloth or professional cleaning tools, and avoid using tools that scratch or abrade the surface of the tester.

In short, the correct use and maintenance of the tensile strength tester can ensure accurate and reliable test results and prolong the service life of the instrument.

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