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How to choose a light transmittance testing machine: from accuracy to application

2023-03-07 12:47

Light transmittance testing machine is a device for measuring the light transmission of various transparent or translucent materials. Light transmittance testers are used to measure the transmittance, reflectance and transmittance of plastics, glass, films, coatings, textiles, construction materials and other transparent materials.

 light transmittance testing machine

Light transmittance testing machines are usually available in portable and benchtop versions. Portable Light transmittance testing machines are suitable for field testing and applications, while benchtop Light transmittance testing machines are usually used for laboratory testing and research. Light transmittance testing machines are currently available from many manufacturers and suppliers such as QINSUN, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and scientific equipment suppliers.

When choosing a Light transmittance testing machine you should consider the following factors:

1. the quality and accuracy of the instrument.

The range, i.e. transmittance, reflectance, transmittance etc.

3. the testing capacity and cycle time of the machine.

4. Control and data output methods.

5. After-sales service, warranty and support from the supplier.

It is recommended that you carefully compare the advantages and disadvantages of each supplier before purchasing and then choose the Light transmittance testing machine supplier that best suits your needs.

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