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what is a xenon flashlamp?

2022-06-16 11:01

Xenon lamp is a new type of headlamp containing xenon gas, also known as high-intensity discharge gas lamp, referred to in English as HID Intensity Discharge Lamp. xenon flash lamp consists of a xenon bulb, variable voltage ballast and insulated wire, the use of special xenon gas in the ultra-high voltage state of firing electricity.

Xenon lamp breaks the principle of Edison's invention of tungsten filament light, filled with high-pressure inert gas in quartz lamps - Xenon gas, instead of the traditional filament, in the two electrodes with mercury and carbon compounds, through the ballast to 23,000 volts of high-voltage current to stimulate the xenon gas light, the formation of a perfect white arc between the two poles, emitting The light is close to the very perfect sunlight.

Xenon lamp.jpg

The principle of xenon flash.

Through the camera contact trigger, through the transformer, the 12V power supply in an instant to more than 20,000 volts of high-voltage pulse voltage, start the xenon gas in the xenon bulb in the arc to produce a powerful light 6000K - 10000K color temperature, the color is crystal white with a slight purple-blue. When the shutter is pressed, the shutter feeds back to the CPU a signal, at the same time, the CPU synchronizes the output of a control signal to the triode to trigger the circuit to flash. Then the transistor conducts, so that the trigger capacitor begins to discharge, the primary in the transformer to produce a pulse current, this current has made the secondary transformer to produce nearly 4000v of high voltage to excite the flash internal xenon ionization and conduction, so that the capacitor on the stored electrical energy instantly through the flash tube discharge into light energy, complete a flash.

Most of the current use of xenon type flash (Xenon Photoflash). The trigger method is to use a high-voltage capacitor to store enough energy, and then release its energy to the lamp, this energy will be in the lamp to excite the xenon gas and produce light. To trigger the flash required energy is provided by a high-voltage capacitor (generally about 200V ~ 300V) storage. In handheld products (e.g., digital cameras, cell phones), how efficiently and quickly the battery energy is stored in the high-voltage capacitor depends on how the charging circuit is designed. Currently, cell phones with xenon flash include Nokia N8, Nokia N82, etc.

Advantages of xenon flash.

1 A wide color range, from 4000 to 10000 distribution, light color pure, help to ensure the picture of brilliant color.

2 small power, power saving, but the irradiation brightness and distance is the original old magnesium flash more than 3 times.

Xenon flash lamps are also widely used in Xenon lamp aging test chamber, which provide great convenience for testing automotive interiors, textile fabrics and other product aging!

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