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6 Preparations You Should Make Before Using Flammability Tester

2022-06-02 10:42

The vertical Flammability Tester is developed according to the standard GB/T, and fully meets the technical requirements specified in the national standard GB/T. Combined with a special model bracket, the test of two methods of plastic horizontal burning and vertical burning can be carried out on the same instrument, and the test time can be automatically recorded. Compared with similar instruments, it has the advantages of high degree of automation, accurate timing, and automatic display of test results.

UL94 Flame Chamber.jpg

The vertical Flammability Tester specifies the burning rate, flaming burning and flameless burning time of the style after igniting the style with a small flame in the horizontal and vertical directions in the laboratory. The outer shell of the instrument box is frosted stainless steel, and is equipped with a transparent observation window, which automatically records the flame application, after-flame, and after-burning time; the test data can be stored, and the test historical data can be read; it has its own silent exhaust, and the test combustion flue gas is safely discharged ;The vertical burning sample holder is controlled by motor, no manual adjustment is required; after the flame is applied, the Bunsen burner automatically returns, reducing the tedious manual operation.

6 Preparations You Should Make Before Using Flammability Tester:

1. The gas tank should be equipped with a medium pressure relief valve, and the gas tank relief valve should be adjusted to a large size (the screws are all screwed in, and there is less exposed outside).

2. When in use, leave it for a while after connecting the gas, and drain the air in the pipeline first.

3. When igniting, first cover the air at the lower end of the torch with the knurled nut above as soon as possible, and then adjust the blue flame after ignition.

4. The ignition needle is above the edge of the nozzle of the torch, and within 5mm from the nozzle of the torch.

5. Do not hold down the ignition button for a long time, otherwise it will cause overload damage to the igniter. The ignition time cannot exceed 5 seconds each time.

6. After the gas flow valve is closed to the right, and then rotated to the left for about 4 turns, it is easy to ignite

Horizontal Burning Tester.jpg

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