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5 essential knowledge about the spare parts of the ventilation aging test box

2022-05-07 09:28

The key of the ventilation aging test box is to simulate the high and low temperature test alternately changing natural environment to test products. The heating and refrigeration units are very important for machinery and equipment. Relatively speaking, the refrigeration unit is more complicated, and the heating system of the ventilation aging test box is very important. The software usually selects the power heater, and the operation of the refrigeration unit is more complicated. All the refrigeration units must be operated with a large number of spare parts. The following will talk about the functions of some spare parts:

Ventilation aging test box spare parts

1. Refrigeration compressor: The key is to convert the ultra-low temperature and bottom pressure vapor refrigerant into ultra-high pressure vapor refrigerant.

2. Cooler: Its function is to refrigerate the ultra-high pressure vapor refrigerant into a high pressure liquid refrigerant at room temperature.

3. Throttle valve organization: convert the liquid refrigerant with high pressure at normal temperature into vapor-liquid compound with ultra-low temperature and bottom pressure according to the number of controllers.

4. Air conditioner evaporator: Using the basic principle of volatilization and heat release, the refrigerant released by the throttling organization is converted into a vapor refrigerant of ultra-low temperature and bottom pressure, and returned to the refrigeration compressor.

5. Oil separator: It is equipped with maintenance parts, and the grease in the separated refrigerant is immediately sent to the refrigeration compressor to ensure the amount of grease when the refrigeration compressor is running. Do not allow grease to enter the cooler and air conditioner evaporator, which will endanger the actual effect of heat transfer.


Perhaps, in addition to the above-mentioned key spare parts, there are also other spare parts such as relays, gas-liquid separators, and drying filters. Use genuine spare parts to produce stronger and more stable cooling characteristics for machinery and equipment.

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