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A Foolproof Guide To Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester

2022-04-30 12:04

Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester also known as Roller Abrasion Tester, Leather Abrasion Tester. Mainly used in textiles, paper products, coatings, synthetic boards, leather, floor tiles, wear resistance test of glass, wood, metal, rubber and other materials.

testing method:

The test method is that the rotating sample bears a pair of wear wheels and applies a specified load. When the sample rotates, the wear wheels are driven to wear the sample. The weight loss of wear is the difference between the weight of the sample before and after the test.

Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester Operation Guide:

▶Prepare the grinding wheel (wear and tear) required for the material of the test piece before the test, and prepare several pieces of fine sandpaper for grinding wheel calibration.

▶ After cutting out the standard test piece (outer diameter 110mm, inner diameter 9mm, thickness 3mm), stick one side of double-sided tape on the back of the test piece, after removing the sticker on the other side, weigh the test piece and record the decimal point The following four.

▶ Check whether the power supply meets the voltage specified on the nameplate, and if so, connect the power supply.

▶Raise the test lever arm, then start the power supply and run it first, check whether the machine is running normally, then lift up the test arm and the vacuum arm, and remove the test piece fixing nut and "washer (ring)" , use a wrench to loosen the fixing screw of the fixing ring and pick up the fixing ring.

▶ Cut the prepared fine sandpaper into a model of the test piece, finally place the center hole on the screw, put the gasket on it, fix the nut with the test piece, and fix the fine sandpaper on the disc.

▶ Put the fixing ring on, flatten the sandpaper, and tighten the fixing ring and fixing nut.

▶ Select the grinding wheel according to the test standard, unscrew and remove the grinding wheel fixing nut, install the grinding wheel, and then tighten and fix it.

▶ According to the test standard, weigh the weights required for the disposal of the weights

▶ Set the number of test rotations to 50 times (you can set the number of test rotations according to different needs of the test), put down the test arm and the cleaning arm, turn on the power switch and the vacuum cleaner switch, adjust the air volume, and turn on the motor switch to start operate. For H-22# grinding wheel, before each operation of the test piece wear test, grind it with fine grinding wheel 50 times. For CS-17 grinding wheel, grind it with sandpaper 50 times only before the first test piece wear of the new grinding wheel. 

Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester

▶ After 50 times of sanding, turn off the power, take out the sandpaper according to the steps 1, 2, and 3 in reverse, and place the test piece according to the steps 1, 2, and 3.

▶ Set the number of test revolutions to 1000 times, use a plastic tape to stick the sand layer on the grinding wheel, check whether the double-sided tape of the test piece is smooth and put it on the test disc, and then repeat the step 10.

▶ When the set number of tests is reached, the power will be automatically cut off.

▶ After the machine is stopped, use a small brush to remove the sand layer on the leather surface, remove the test piece and double-sided tape, weigh it with a precision scale, count it to four digits below the decimal point, and record it, and the test can be obtained by calculating according to the formula value.

Notes on using Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester:

▶When the test disc is not placed with the test piece, do not put down the test lever arm. Turn on the switch and let it run idly, which will damage the grinding wheel and parts.

▶During the test, please place the test lever arm and the vacuum arm gently to avoid hitting the test surface to prolong the service life of the grinding wheel.

▶The weight of both sides must be the same when the counterweight is used to ensure the accuracy of the test value

▶ During the test, please turn on the vacuum cleaner to avoid the dust adhering to the grinding wheel and affecting the test result.

▶It should be operated and used by professionals, and it should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

▶The test lever arm and test disc mandrel should always be lubricated with a little lubricating oil.

Since its establishment, QINSUN has been committed to the promotion of material testing standards, and provides high-quality Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester for quality testing institutions, enterprises and scientific research units. Interested customers are welcome to inquire or leave a message online to us for the latest relevant information!

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