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Reliability - Introduction to Ozone Aging Test

2022-04-21 12:28

Effects of ozone on products:

Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can damage a variety of items. The higher the concentration, the heavier the damage to the items. It can cause green rust spots, rubber aging, discoloration, and reduced elasticity of copper sheets, resulting in brittle and broken products, and bleaching and fading of fabrics. Wait.

Test purposes:

Test the aging resistance of rubber products.

Ozone aging chamber

Test introduction:

An aging test method that exposes the sample to a constant ozone concentration and constant temperature environment under the condition of static tensile strain or dynamic tensile strain. The process of aging by ozone to test the aging resistance of rubber products.

Test principle:

Ozone is an extremely rare gas in the atmosphere, but it is extremely destructive to plastic materials. Ozone can have irreversible chemical reactions with unsaturated bonds and reducing groups in the chemical structure of plastic materials, resulting in oxidative degradation of plastic materials. , thus losing the value of use. The ozone aging test of plastic materials is usually carried out in an ozone aging test box. The ozone required for the test is provided by an ozone generator, and its concentration can be adjusted by mixing with air by a mixer. The concentration of ozone is generally based on the actual use environment of the material. conditions to be determined. In addition, factors such as temperature and humidity in the ozone aging box can also be adjusted, so as to achieve the purpose of the test, and then obtain the ozone aging resistance of the material and the behavior and rules of ozone aging.

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