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Main structure description of Plastic UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

2022-03-07 10:43

The Plastic UV Accelerated Weathering Tester simulates the damage to materials caused by sunlight, rain and dew. UV uses fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamps to simulate the effects of sunlight and cold moisture to simulate rain and dew. The material to be tested is placed in a cyclic program of alternating light and moisture at a certain temperature for testing. UV can reproduce the hazards that occur outdoors for months to years in a few days or weeks of testing. Hazard types include: fading, discoloration, loss of gloss, chalking, cracking, turbidity, foaming, embrittlement, strength loss and oxidation.

Main structure description:

1. The box is made of numerical control equipment, with advanced technology, smooth lines and elegant appearance

2. The material of the box is 1.2mm thick 304SUS high-grade stainless steel

3. The air duct in the box adopts a single-circulation system, and there is an imported axial flow fan, which improves the air flow and heating ability, and greatly improves the temperature uniformity in the test box.

4. Lamp: special UV lamp, 8 in two rows, 40W/piece

5. Lamp life: more than 1600h

6. Water source and consumption: tap water or distilled water about 8 liters/T

7. A total of 8 UVA or UVB UV lamps are installed on both sides of the studio

8. The heating method is liner water tank heating, fast heating and uniform temperature distribution

9. The box cover is a two-way flip type, which is easy to close

10. The water level of the inner tank is automatically replenished to prevent the heating tube from being damaged by empty burning.

11. The sample holder is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy

12. The bottom of the unit is fixed with high-quality PU movable wheels

13. The drainage system uses U-shaped sedimentation device for drainage

14. The surface of the test sample is parallel to the plane of the UV lamp

15. Automatic sprinklers are installed inside the sprinkler system, and the water pressure is adjustable

For more information on the offer of the Plastic UV Accelerated Weathering Tester, drop us a note!

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