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Introduction of 3 common UV Accelerated Weathering Tester tests

2022-02-25 10:00

The Accelerated Weathering Tester is used to test wires, cables, insulators or coated rubber test pieces to compare the tensile strength and elongation of the test pieces before and after aging.

(1), UV aging:

Q: What are the types of UV lamps?

There are two types of UV lamps: UVA-340, UVB-313.

Accelerated Weathering Tester

Q: What are the different uses of different types of UV lamps?

UVA-340: simulates the ultraviolet part of sunlight, mainly used for photoaging test of outdoor products. Outdoor UV radiation closest to sunlight exposure.

UVA-351: Used to simulate the ultraviolet portion of sunlight passing through window glass, mainly used indoors.

UVB-313: Widely used for fast, cost-effective testing of durable materials that accelerate material aging.

(2) UVA aging:

Irradiance of laboratory UVA-340 lamps:

0.68W/m2@340nm is equivalent to sunlight at noon in summer, and get a fast effect;

1.38W/m2@340nm is twice the maximum value of the sun to get fast results;

0.35W/m2@340nm is equivalent to sunlight in March/September, suitable for normal testing or testing with lower UV light intensity.

(3) UVB aging:

Irradiance of laboratory UVB-313 lamps:


1.23W/m2@340nm very fast test, used for quality control or material test with good durability;

 0.48W/m2@340nm UVB-313 lamp implements SAE J2020 standard for long-term illumination.

These are some detailed explanations about Accelerated Weathering Tester, if you want to know more about it, please leave us a message!

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