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QINSUN seeks new market space in the context of internationalization

2021-11-11 13:35

Under the global economic integration and the international textile and garment industry transfer pattern, the exchanges and cooperation of various countries are deepening, including expanding overseas channels, building domestic and foreign trade development platforms, and introducing foreign advanced management concepts, brands and talents.

In terms of seeking international development space, QINSUN leveraged its strong location advantages and resource integration capabilities to create an international supply network and sales channel extending in all directions of "buying the world and selling the world"; Guangzhou Hongmian International Fashion City developed in-depth development in China, Italy and China. The Korean fashion industry cooperates and jointly innovates and launches the international HIVE-SHOWROOM model. By introducing excellent overseas brand resources and designer resources, local brands are more sensitive to trends and cutting-edge designs; Haicheng Xiliu clothing market actively participates in the national market Purchasing trade pilot projects, continue to carry out the "Silk Road·Xiliu Station" activities, and set up the "Belt and Road" Eastern Route Trans-Asia-Europe Continental Bridge Railway Outbound Haicheng Substation to broaden the sales channels of merchants and facilitate the development of international trade.


In the future, the international development of the textile and apparel professional market will continue to focus on countries along the “Belt and Road”, and build overseas marketing, after-sales service and warehousing and logistics networks through new construction, mergers and acquisitions, equity participation, and cooperation, and promote the development of domestic circulation channels. Overseas extension; actively build a cross-border e-commerce demonstration zone, focus on cultivating a group of professional markets that integrate domestic and foreign trade, and the business model is in line with international standards, and realize integrated services such as display, transaction, logistics, warehousing, and customs clearance. It can be seen that international development is the only way for the professional market to achieve branding, intelligent, and professional development.

It is not difficult to find that the development of intensification, specialization, intelligence, branding, greening, and internationalization of the "six modernizations", interconnected and self-contained, is not only to focus on solving the imbalances and disparities in the development of the professional market in the new era. Fully and fully meet the inevitable requirements of the people's needs for a better life, and will also become an important goal and direction for improving quality and efficiency, and enhancing the transformation and upgrading of the professional market for systematic and coordinated development.

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