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Water-cooled and air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber comparison

2021-11-10 11:03

The xenon lamp aging tester uses a xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves that exist in different environments, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration tests for scientific research, product development and quality control, also known as "sunlight radiation protection test device", according to the test standards and methods Divided into three kinds, air-cooled xenon lamp, water-cooled xenon lamp, desktop xenon lamp, the difference lies in the test temperature, humidity, accuracy, time, etc.. Is an indispensable testing instrument in the aging test chamber series.

Air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber is through the natural wind to cool the lamp, the xenon lamp is located above the equipment, in the sample chamber has a height-adjustable flat sample frame, when the xenon lamp can be used to shorten the distance between the sample frame and the xenon lamp after a certain period of time to achieve the specified irradiance, so the test chamber is also known as the flat xenon lamp aging test chamber, this lamp has a lower energy consumption, longer service life, can Price is more expensive than water-cooled lamps, this test chamber in doing the test radiation may be lower than the water-cooled xenon lamp aging chamber but air-cooled lamp life than water-cooled to much higher, and the requirements of the environment is not so high, the service life of this xenon lamp tube is basically more than 1600H; the durability.


Water-cooled xenon lamp aging chamber is cooled by cooling water to the lamp, the interior has a drum sample frame, rotating around the xenon lamp tube, so also known as the drum xenon lamp, in the middle of the drum there is a water-cooled xenon lamp tube, this lamp has high energy efficiency, strong irradiance, in the process of testing the irradiance received by the sample is more uniform and other characteristics, its energy consumption is also relatively high, and not convenient to maintain, and the water source for cooling the lamp conductivity, cleanliness, temperature and other particularly high specifications, or the surface of the lamp will be blackened resulting in lamp scrap, the average service life of this xenon lamp is about 800H.

Water-cooled and air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber has what advantages

The xenon lamp aging test chamber uses xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight exposure, the use of condensation to simulate rain and dew, the material under test at a certain temperature for testing, and use a few days or weeks to reproduce the hazards of outdoor months or even years, artificially accelerated aging test data to help the selection of new materials, improve existing materials, and to assess the impact of changes in formulation on product durability. Xenon lamp aging chamber can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled, and air-cooled and water-cooled xenon lamp aging chamber has what advantages?

The use of circulating air to engage the heat of the xenon lamp tube to cool the xenon lamp tube. Air-cooled xenon lamp tube for air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber, generally in the air-cooled test chamber with three air-cooled xenon lamp tube, and desktop xenon lamp weathering test chamber equipped with one air-cooled xenon lamp tube. Usually use 1.8kw power, 340mm long 340mm air-cooled xenon lamp tube is shorter than the water-cooled xenon lamp tube. The diameter of the air-cooled lamp is also 10 mm smaller than the water-cooled lamp. Air-cooled xenon lamp lamp wavelength is usually 290 ~ 800nm, longer than the water-cooled xenon lamp wavelength.


The use of water-cooled xenon lamp tube, the use of circulating cooling water for high thermal value xenon lamp tube water circulation cooling. Under normal circumstances, the lamp power is 6kw, the lamp length is 460mm, the diameter is 25mm, water-cooled xenon arc lamp wavelength is less than 270nm.


From this point it can be seen that the wavelength of the xenon lamp tube determines its power, and power determines the cooling method of the xenon lamp tube, water-cooled mode for high-power water-cooled xenon lamp tube, and conversely air-cooled mode for small power air-cooled xenon lamp. Therefore, the choice of air-cooled or water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber, the specific or according to their own requirements to.

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