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Ozone aging test chamber operation method

2021-10-11 11:54
Master the operation method of ozone aging test chamber and operate the machine correctly!
The ozone content in the atmosphere is very little but the main factor of rubber cracking, the ozone aging chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studies the law of ozone action on rubber, quickly identifies and evaluates the rubber anti-ozone-aging performance and the method of anti-ozone-agent protection effectiveness, and then takes effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.
Ozone aging

Ozone aging test chamber operation method:

A, ozone aging tester timing settings:
Settings can be set through the timer panel "+" "-" button to set (H: hours, M: minutes, S: seconds), such as 2 hours 30 minutes, set "02H30", set the timing switch, press the power "ON" button, then the equipment into high temperature constant temperature operation, the time is up, the equipment will automatically cut off the power.
Second, the test chamber ozone test start:
Turn on the green button power. The temperature of the test chamber to 40 degrees, and other test chamber temperature stability. The ozone meter to 0, and so on 20 minutes after the ozone button to open. Instrument settings see the instrument manual;
Humidity test, Wuhan Shang test remind you to check whether there is water inside the water tank, no water to add water. Turn on the hot and humid button. Adjust the test instrument to the required test temperature, open the cooling button.
Third, the test chamber dynamic test:
Open the turntable button and stretch button, according to the need to adjust the speed, the exhaust button is waiting for the end of the test when the ozone exhaust to the outdoor open.
Fourth, the test chamber alarm temperature setting:
Press the instrument setting key "SET" for 5 seconds to enter the internal menu of the instrument:
AL1 (alarm 1): generally AL1 = SV + 15 ℃, the role of the alarm when the high temperature, low temperature does not need to set. Example: SV is 50℃, then AL1 is 65℃.
ATU (self-tuning): self-tuning as 0000 means closed, 0001 is open. The machine is generally opened without self-tuning, if a set temperature value is difficult to be constant, then open self-tuning. In the process of self-tuning, the temperature inside the box will fluctuate, which is a normal phenomenon.

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