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Leather tear strength tester test steps

2021-09-23 10:44
Testing of Leather Tear Strength By Tensile Testing Machine
Leather tear strength tester is suitable for testing tear strength of all kinds of dermis and synthetic leather materials. It is used to test tear strength of dermis and synthetic leather under external force.
Testing machine:Rubber And Leather Universal Testing Machine


Leather Universal Testing Machine Test steps: 

1. Samples were parked in laboratory environment for more than 8 hours.
2. Cutting 3 or more samples with a cutter at least 150 mm above the material edge in the longitudinal and latitudinal directions of the sample, respectively.
3. The two ends of the sample are respectively clamped on the upper and lower fixtures of the tensile tester,attention should be paid when clamping:To make the sample expose the part of the upper fixture and the part of the lower fixture, keep the same. To keep the clamped sample in a vertical state, do not tilt to one side,set the speed of the tensile tester to 200 mm/min.
4. Start the test key of the tensile tester and start the test. When the tension machine tears the sample completely, record the maximum tension value of the tension machine.
5. Each sample is tested at least three times, and the average is taken as the final result.


Result judgement:

1. If all of the three values are qualified, the average of the three values is taken as the final result.
2. If one of the three values is unqualified, two more samples should be cut for reexamination. If there is no more unqualified in reexamination, it will be judged as unqualified, and the final result will be the average of the unqualified values of the initial and reexamination. If there is no nonconformity in the reexamination, the final result is the average of all values.
3. If two or more of the three values are unqualified, they are judged to be unqualified and the average of the unqualified values is taken as the final result.

Matters needing attention:

If the results of several tests are quite different (more than 30%), it is necessary to redesign the samples for testing.
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