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Use and Maintenance of Fabric Abrasion Tester (Martindale method)

2016-06-16 15:48
Operating precautions on Fabric Abrasion Tester; Maintenance of Fabric Abrasion Tester;
Fabric Abrasion Tester Application
Fabric Abrasion Tester is Suitable for woven, knitted, woven, decorative materials, coated fabrics and other apparent abrasion resistance testing and pilling performance test.
Fabric Abrasion Tester principle
Fabric Test samples mounted in the top of the jig and mounted in the grinding and abrasive friction stage. A friction trajectory (an important feature of Martindale method) is Lisha Ru graphics. According to the test requirements specified after the friction phase, remove the fabric and wear index calculated or assessed using visual way to describe the specimen and fluff pilling grade.
Fabric Abrasion Tester Method of operation
1、Sample preparation
In the standard environment, tiled, without stretched state, place it for a period of time according to different standards. As24 h(G B /T 4 80 2 .2 一 19 97),16h(EN ISO 12947-4:1998)
2、samples Selection
Cut a sample from different parts of the entire width of fabric and, the sample to be representative. If it is fancy fabric sample, which should include all the different organizations and cloth made from color rendering.
3、Remove the load and the upload the shaft from the test machine
4、Remove the top plate and the test fixture
5、Sample Device
Loosen the retaining ring on the test fixture, scored tablet sample, the sample is placed in a test fixture base. When the test fabric is not more than 500 g / m2, put the polyester foam pad between a sample and the sample holder with the metal block body; greater than 500 g / m2, or when the composite fabric, foam pad is not required. Each specimen holder on the sample should be the same tension. 
6、Device to Sheep blankets and cloth friction
Place the Felt and abrasive on Grinding station, put heavy Tuo shi on abrasive, then set the pressure ring; tighten the nut so that the pressure ring is fixed to the abrasive grinding stage
7、add pressure on the abrasive placed on the grinding platform.
8、The mounted sample test fixture face down and placed on the base fixture, test fixture adjustment circular recess aligned with a load of the shaft, the shaft is inserted so that the load test fixture circular inner recess
9、Accordance with the standards for the set times, the start switch to start the test, automatically shut down after the number reaches the set
10、Remove the sample, in contrast to the standard sample according to the rating box
Handling Precautions for Fabric Abrasion Tester
1、Rubbing cloth can be used repeatedly, each completing a test needs to be replaced a rubbing cloth;
2、Wool felt can be used repeatedly, if the surface is worn or needs to be replaced when soiled, can use double-sided
3、Insole cloth should be moved firstly, then Martindale abrasion test
4、After the test, sample surface of the table are frayed, broken yarn, fuzz or pilling serious, serious wear and abnormal, it is determined to be defective
5、When sample preparation, paying particular attention to the hair cut edges, do not produce change, in order to avoid unnecessary loss of quality and appearance changes
6、Note that the process of instrument operation practices and personnel safety.
Fabric Abrasion Tester Maintenance
1、The instrument must be regularly cleaned and external cleaning, to ensure cleanliness
2、Regularly check test equipment to see if there are abnormal.
3、Each personnel in the use of the process follow the correct way to use, and is not a violation, to avoid damage to the instrument, resulting in shortening the life of the instrument
4、Each personnel after the use of the test instrument, the instrument shall laid out, and do the appropriate instrument cleaning to ensure clean
5、In the case of non-use, the power supply should turn off, and maintain the equipment clean
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