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Shoes Performance Test

2016-06-12 14:57
Instruments Overview
Footwear Bending Tester is used to test the folding properties especially the flexing endurance of completed footwear, which can also be used to test the moisture permeation resistance properties when overall footwear was folded, suitable for shoes, soles, including all footwear. Footwear simulation test in the course of repeated bending process (bending angle 0-50 °) can be used to predict whether or degummed cracking when wearing the footwear, to evaluate the mechanical performance of the bending shoe and prediction class life. Choose the right one from the five pairs of toe chucks; clip the end toe so as to clamp on the machine. Heel end is fixed to the bent rod.
Core Advantages
Two artificial toe, size and position can be adjusted;
The timing counter, can be set on the number of bending, based on the experimental requirements and displays real-time data;
A reservoir with a small water pump, connected to the working platform, after sample loading, the sample sole remains moist. (Wet test required to use a protective cover)
Applicable Standards
Satra TM77,Satra TM92,GB/T 3903.1
Fixture Two pairs (four samples each time can be measured)
Beat frequency 100 to 300 beats / min, adjustable
The bending angle 10,15,20,30,35,45,60,90°(adjustable)
counter LCD,0~999,999 times
weight ---kg
size 1120mm(W)×600mm(D) ×680mm(H)
Professional Configuration
Basic Configuration   
G184 Footwear bending tester
18401 one pair of Artificial foot
18402 5 Chuck toe
18403 1 Protective cover

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