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Textile Testing Equipment Categories

2017-08-30 17:15

Textile Testing Instruments are widely used in many aspects of the production of clothing, cloth inspection, testing and other textile technology, textile testing equipment is divided into the fabric panel test equipment, textile printing color fastness instrument, general textile testing equipment, textile equipment and textile testing simulated environment testing supplies, etc.

Fabric Testing Equipment
To test the curtain, curtains and other hanging fabric type flame retardant properties. Suitable for single or multiple layers of fabric panel, but it cannot be applied to weight above 700 g / m2 (21 oz / yd2) of the fabric panel
General Textile Testing Equipment
Test is mainly used for fiber fineness, yarn evenness, hairiness, defect, inspection cloth, etc.
Color Fastness  Equipment
Suitable for textile printing and dyeing resistance to dry and wet rubbing and scrubbing friction color fastness test, after twisting friction knob above the head of the disk can be changed friction head left and right positions on the sample, the sample increased utilization.
Textile Testing Equipment on Environmental Simulation
Make the material to be measured exposure on the sun and moisture control circumstance through the interaction cycle, while increasing the temperature to carry out the test. It is necessary test equipment in Aviation, automobiles, home appliances. research and other fields  

Functional Textile Testing Equipment  
The main items include textiles functional testing, such as heat, moisture, sweating, protective performance testing, safety and comfort test.

Flammability Protective Tester
Wider application mainly in the protective properties of the fabric, combustion performance, flame retardant and protective, in lifesaving and firefighting industries

Physical Performance Testing Equipment 
Mainly in the detection the physical properties of the textile, without the test on chemical and other direct supervision test to detect the type of change, such as stretching, strength, fracture, wear and other factors
Chemical Test Equipment
Main test on the performance changes of textiles in chemical environment, such as: pH, staining, corrosion, aging, etc.
Textile Testing Supplies
Common tests used to test consumables, fashion and home color, textiles and cotton color cards, standard detergent. Material consumption is also used for the detection of textile testing equipment
There are thermal resistance wet resistance meter, MMT(moisture management tester)etc, and the new functional test instrument include air permeability tester, hydrostatic head tester, thermal protection performance tester, as well as the widely used lab testing equipment such as textile washing color fastness tester, abrasion tester, pilling tester, rubbing color fastness tester, ironing tester and perspiration tester. For the laboratory requirements, we also bring forth the new practical test instruments. Fabric test equipment, fiber tester, yarn tester, carpet tester, non-woven fabric tester, toy tester, leather tester, automotive material test equipment and others.


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