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What is Air Filter Testing Equipment?

2021-02-07 10:59

What is Air Filter Testing Equipment?

It is suitable for testing the efficiency of 40-99.999% masks, and testing masks according to international standards. The whole test bench is compact and light in design and structure, and only needs to provide suitable power supply and compressed air (water-free, oil-free) in the running test process, which is suitable for use in laboratories, factories and other places.

Fix the finished product on the fixture, and the test air volume corresponds to the required filtration rate. The aerosol generated by the aerosol generator is adjusted, then electrostatically neutralized, then evenly mixed with the filtered test air, and then enters the test area to pass through the filter material. In order to measure the efficiency, a partial air flow was drawn upstream and downstream of the mask.

Using a photometer, the concentration of diameter particles in the sampled airflow is measured, and the measured efficiency is obtained by the ratio of upstream and downstream. In addition, it is necessary to measure the filter material resistance during the test and adjust the control flow.

Filter test bench  dust filter efficiency test system

Filter Testing Machine component

1. Aerosol generator
It is mainly used for experiments requiring high concentration aerosol. Using PSL standard particles of 0.3um, the main particles emitted have a particle size range of ≥0.3um, accounting for more than 70% of the total, which can produce aerosol continuously and stably. To the upstream of the filter material, provide test particles. DEHS polydisperse particles of 0.3~0.5um can also be used, and the particle concentration is 70% @ 0.3 μ m ~ 0.5 μ m..

2. Particle counter
It is mainly used to monitor the upstream and downstream particle concentration of the tested filter material and obtain the efficiency of the tested filter material.

3. Differential pressure sensor
It is mainly used to test the pressure difference (or resistance) of the tested filter material under a certain test flow.

4. Stainless steel fixture
It is mainly used for compressing and sealing the tested filter materials.

5. Import air pump
It is mainly used for the test flow through filter materials, with stable flow, green energy saving and low vibration noise.

6. Electrical control and software
Circuit control and operation of equipment, calculation and data processing of software, stability judgment of upstream concentration, operation control and parameter setting.

Air filtration material test bench fundamental function

(1) efficiency measurement (particle counting method)

⑵ Resistance measurement

⑶ Flow measurement (5.33cm/s filtration rate, 100cm²)

⑷ air permeability measurement (adjustable from 100Pa-200Pa)

⑸ Automatically store test data


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