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Reciprocating wear tester

Description:Qinsun‘s reciprocating abraser 5900 was developed to satisfy test method ISO 1518-1, and specifically conduct wear/abrasion testing on finished products.

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Reciprocating wear tester

Product Details

Reciprocating abrasion tester consists of a rotary platform to place test specimen, a pair of articulated arms with friction wheel, a motor used to drive the turntable rotation, a counter used to set the rotation number of turntable with the automatic stop function, and a suction device used to take away the debris.By cahaIt’s suitable for a variety of materials’ test, such as papers, textiles, rubbers, coatings and many other tests due to the replacement of different wear wheels.

Instrument principle:

The tested product is fixed on a horizontal table and is worn under the specified abrasive and load with the horizontal movement of the aquarium. Using the principle of the lever, the other end of the test arm fits the weight to maintain the balance of the test arm to ensure the accuracy of the sample surface load and the reliability of the test results.

Abrasive and load rack height is adjustable to suit the test of different height samples.In addition, according to the different requirements of customers, the instrument uses different friction media to test the wear resistance of different products.

Reciprocating Abraser 5900 Standards

1. ASTM F2496 Standard practice for determining the scratch hardness and scrape Adhesion of prints and coatings active standard.

2. ISO 1518-1 Paints and varnishes - Determination of scratch resistance - Part 1: Constant-loading method.

3. ISO1518-2 Paints and varnishes - Determination of scratch resistance - Part 2: Variable-loading method.

4. GME 60248 Paint elasticity and textile interiors material-Resistance to scratching.

5. D44 1221 Fluff surface material-Resistance to scraping by abrasion.

6. D14 1055-2004 Materials and organic coatings-wear by rubbing.

7. D42 1775-03-2001 Inside and outside plastic parts-Resistance to scratching by abrasion.


Technical Parameters



Rotating speed 

60rpm-72 rpm (adjustable)


External diameter 108mm, Inner diameter 8mm, thickness 3mm 

Grinding wheel

Diameter 2

Grinding wheel spacing(center)



250g,  500g,  750g,  1000g


1φ,AC220V, 50HZ


Reciprocating Abraser Model 5900

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