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fabric water repellent spray tester

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fabric water repellent spray tester

Product Details

Spray Rating Tester

Water repellency is a function of fabric that describes the resistance of the fabric to surface wetting & water penetration; in easy words, it measures non-spreading characteristics of water droplets on the material surface.

According to the “American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC),” a visual photographic chart should be used to give a rating on water repellency. Tested material’s final result is given by comparing the chart and appearance of the actual fabric.

Usually, water repellency is gained by treating the material with paraffin, silicon, acid-based melamine, and fluro carbons. This function can be obtained by film coating or lamination. The main object of water repellency is to protect the textile material from getting wet in the case of water exposure.

Fabric Water Repellent Spray Tester Features:

1.The instrument structure is simple, mainly composed of main frame, funnel, nozzle, sample frame and sample fixator.
2.The nozzle has 19 evenly distributed holes, and the aperture is customized according to the standard. The 250ml water poured into the funnel can flow out from the nozzle in 25-30s.
3. The upper edge side of the sample rack ring forms an angle of 45° with the horizontal plane.
4. The center of the sample is 150mm from the nozzle.

Fabric Surface Wetting Resistance Tester Attachment:
Nozzle and rubber cover;
The water pan;
AATCC(22) rating standard chart card

Spray Tester

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